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Riverbank protection using either traditional Willow or other natural alternatives provides an environmentally friendly and sustainable way to help solve the problem of the soft erosion of river and canal banks, lakeside and pond edges, and along many larger drainage ditches and watercourses.

We offer a range of low cost 'green' solutions to these tricky problems, at a fraction of the cost of modern concrete or steel engineering works. These include primarily the use of willow spiling which
uses fresh willow rods woven between live willow stakes and set into the banks at regular intervals. This work is carried out during the winter months when the willow is dormant. When it comes into growth it will produce a strong root system and shrubby top growth above the water line to help prevent further erosion from wave patterns. Other eco-friendly solutions can also be specified, and include the use of coir matting, timber blocks, stone gabions and reed or wetland planting.

All of these protection methods are low impact and enable construction to take place with little or no machinery and therefore are ideal for situations where there is difficult or restricted access. Each will encourage biodiversity and provide valuable refuges for existing wildlife, especially water voles, even in urban areas.

Please contact us to discuss your soft erosion control requirements. We provide a full design, project and contract management service.

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