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What is a Green Roof?

Quite simply a Green Roof is a planted roof. Green roofs have been around for a long time. Our ancestors knew of their benefits. They reduce rainwater run-off, absorb sound, insulate your property and return oxygen to the environment.  The latest advances in eco-technology have now enabled their design and maintenenace to meet modern environmental standards.

Green roofs have a different appearance in each season. Options include sedums, wildflowers and grasses or simply turf. When the plants are flowering your green roof will provide a colourful spectacle and increase biodiversity in your locale by encouraging many bird and insect species to visit.

Please note depending on the nature of your project a structural survey is usually necessary to determine the load-bearing capacity of the roof.

Green Roofs and Green Energy

Adding solar panels to the roof to power your home, office or workshop couldn't be more eco-friendly, and you may be able to obtain a grant to cover all or part of the costs.
You may also be able to supply any excess electricity produced to the National Grid. We can specify solar panels as part of our design and manage the complete project for you. As demand and availability are increasing there are now lower prices on solar panels.

We also design brown roofs using locally distinctive topsoils and living walls to provide vertical gardens attractively planted with vegetation.

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