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reed beds

* Low Capital Costs  *  Low Maintenance Costs *

We specialise in providing a complete service for Reed Bed Systems from initial conception through to completion and beyond.

Reed Beds have enormous benefits for the environment. They provide a home to some our rarest, most threatened and spectacular wildlife in the UK. They also provide one of the most forgotten crops of the British countryside. Reed cutting and harvesting is both compatible with wildlife interests and a prime example of sustainable working as it can provide a valuable cash crop.

Constructed reed bed systems are a low cost option for the natural treatment of contaminants such as sewage, drainage water and storm flows. Reed beds will effectively break down contaminants by the action of naturally occurring bacterial processes. Water can then be discharged or recycled as appropriate.

We realise each site has a different set of requirements and therefore we will carry out an initial site survey to discuss options before we design and project manage your reed bed system which can include:-

*  detailed reports and survey data
*  water quality testing
*  long term management strategy
*  drainage and discharge consents

Gallery ~ Reed Beds

balancing pond
reed bed
reeds in winter