Lawn Care

Looking after your lawn

The long hot summer of 2018 made it a tough year for lawns, and we are now seeing many lawns which have not yet recovered, with bare patches, where moss takes over, dead grass and poor growth rates generally.

It is important to maintain a healthy lawn and this can be achieved by regular cutting during the growing season, from April – October, roughly every 7 – 10 days, when the grass is DRY.  Do not have your mower on too low a setting as this can ‘scalp’ the lawn and cause more problems. Aim to achieve a cutting height of at least 25mm. Give your lawn a good rake over at least twice a year to remove moss and the build up of (‘thatch’) dead material. And, don’t forget to give it a good feed, also twice a year in Spring and Autumn. Further actions to improve it include aerating with a fork and leveling out any hollows with a light top dressing of a sandy loam. Finally try to remove those pesky Dandelions – cut off below the surface with a sharp knife, and try to remove as much root as possible. It is not too difficult to have a fantastic organic lawn without the use of any chemicals or herbicides and your pets will love it too!

If all that fails, or is too much work, why not allow your lawn to become a wildflower meadow to benefit many pollinating insects. More advice on this topic will follow!

A lawn with stripes