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Gardens and Outdoor Areas

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow …     Audrey Hepburn

Beautiful and Inspirational Garden Design

Are you dreaming of a new garden or outdoor area, or perhaps require a garden makeover for an established garden?

Garden design is a highly personal service, unique to your own individual wishes. Maybe you have some ideas already or are simply stuck completely? This is where our experience can help to plan and achieve the perfect garden for you.
A garden evolves over time, plants grow and features can be added or removed to suit. The design process usually requires both thought and patience to see it come to fruition. We sometimes call this Slow Design, from the global slow movement, to focus on an expanded state of awareness. We often keep in touch with our clients for several years while their garden grows with them. So, whilst we can give you the garden of your dreams it may take a little while to achieve it!
Our consultation will usually result in the production of some sketch ideas or a  moodboard to show possibilities and we would then develop a the design or produce photo-realistic 3D images for costing. As experienced landscape architects we concentrate on the essential aspects to produce the best design possible for you. Every garden is different, some small, some large, so at the time of our consultation we will be able to provide you with an idea of the costs involved.

Various packages are available to help you plan ahead:

Package 1:
A beautifully presented design for you to develop the garden yourself
Package 2:
As above, plus construction drawings
Package 3:
This is our most popular package. As above 1 + 2, plus we will personally manage your project through to completion. We will produce a full schedule of works, contact trusted contractors to obtain the best possible prices, and source all plants and materials, certifying the works once finished, to give you guarantees and complete peace of mind.
We try to stay local, but can source the whole of the UK market for plants and materials and therefore will always obtain the best possible prices for your project.

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