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Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

Life Changing Landscapes

We specialise in Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) 

LVIA assesses and identifies the significance and effects of a change, such as a proposed development, on the landscape.


The LVIA process is all-encompassing on the area surrounding the development although it looks primarily at how people’s views may be affected by a proposal.

As chartered landscape architects we produce expert LVIA reports to current guidelines for proposed developments in sensitive locations. These include residential housing and commercial developments, sports stadiums, the re-use of redundant agricultural and/or listed buildings and for clean, green renewable energy projects, including those for wind and solar power. We have high skill levels and use accurate reporting to always offer factual, impartial, objective and professional judgements.
LVIA may be carried out as part of an Environmental Impact Assessment or as a standalone appraisal to accompany development proposals or planning applications, including those relating to National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) Paragraph 55, now updated to Paragraph 79, projects for homes of exceptional quality in rural areas. There is no easy route to achieving a new dwelling in the countryside, but an LVIA can form a fundamental part of your planning application.

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